ITSP can offer configuration, management and support for ResourceSpace, a digital document library and archive that can be access from anywhere over the web.

As your company grows it acquires increasing amounts of documents, and it then becomes more difficult to find the exact one you need quickly. These issues can affect businesses of all sizes and cause problems when Digital Asset Management is not addressed with the right tools.

ResourceSpace can provide a solution to DAM problems with its central digital collection of assets that are available to access by users and teams working from anywhere in the world. It allows all your digital collections to be organised from one single user interface. Individuals and teams working together on a single project can share custom ‘collections’ of resources and searches with other users to enhance collaboration on the project.

What is ResourceSpace?

ResourceSpace is an online Digital Asset Management system. Originally it was created for the UK non-profit organization Oxfam. Oxfam has 6 main offices in 3 continents worldwide, and it was important for the organization to be able to collaborate on campaigns, share photos and files, and maintain a growing collection of resources. For years it used its own in-house system to share photos within the organization, but by 2005 this was too slow and difficult to use and needed replacing with a more efficient alternative. ResourceSpace was designed specifically for this purpose and then became available to the public in 2006. Since then it has undergone significant revisions and improvements and is now not only able to share photos, but also video, audio and other files. It also now supports many languages and is not only in use by Oxfam, but by a growing number of other users as well.

Why use ResourceSpace?

ResourceSpace can help to enhance how your business shares files and collaborates on group projects, making it quicker and easier to work together.

  • Web based programme so can be access from anywhere with a browser without the need to install software
  • Simple search engine to find results quickly and easily
  • Collections can be shared between users to help team projects flow easily
  • Easy to share your resources with others, through collections and email
  • Automatic preview and conversion of files
  • Supports over 20 languages, with more being added
User benefits:
  • Easy to use interface
  • No installation required, can be accessed through web browsers both in and away from the office
  • Search functions are easy to use, and advanced search options are available
  • Search results are intelligently sorted
  • Collections make organisation, collaboration and distribution easy; no need to email documents
  • Resources are available directly in a choice of qualities from high quality for printing to lower resolution for web display
  • Search through pre-selected themes of resources
Administrator benefits:
  • Able to set permissions on access to  each resource by user groups
  • Archive resources to not appear in the main search
  • Upload large batches of files using your web browser
  • Plugin support so third party developers can enhance functionality
  • Automatic thumbnail and video preview creation
  • Multilingual service