Outsourcing IT to allow you to focus on your business

The Client

A local print company based in Cambridgeshire has become established as one of the largest and most respected huge format print centres in Europe. Over the years the computing infrastructure had steadily grown and had become a burden to the staff who, as well as doing their own jobs, were tasked with looking after it. The owners realised it would be more effective to outsource all their IT management to an external company and allow their staff to focus all their attention on the business and so contacted ITSP to do this.

The Process

Initially we sent an analyst to spend time looking at the customer’s business processes. We spoke to the management and staff on the print room floor, who had a strong knowledge of how the company worked, to find out what parts of the business could be improved with changes in the use of IT.

Once we had established the business requirements our engineers performed a complete audit of the existing IT infrastructing, including computer systems, application software, network equipment and printing systems. The data was analysed and organised to get a complete and documented picture of the existing IT infrastructure in terms of capability, investment and on-going cost.

With this information we came up with a strategic plan for the way forward. This included:

  • Identifying computers that were hindering productivity
  • Removing duplicated systems
  • Consolidating internet access into one broadband link
  • Provision of support procedures including helpdesk access
  • Documentation of the whole system
  • Management of software licenses
  • A planned schedule for system updates

ITSP now manages and supports all aspects of IT for this company. This includes all user support, server management, email systems, remote access, mobile devices, data security, system updates and backups. As a further complimentary benefit the client can get advice from our engineers on any future projects and IT issues. We are always willing to listen to our clients and we try to accommodate their business needs within the outsourcing arrangement.

The Result

By working with ITSP, this company has been able to put its IT management in the hands of a trusted partner, which in turn has enabled the company to concentrate on core business activities. By implementing this service we were able to reduce the client’s IT expenditure by 30% in the first year. Users reported experiencing a much higher level of support service and system reliability which in turn translated into higher levels of productivity.