The use of computers across all areas of business has increased our reliance on them and the data they contain to such an extent that when they don’t work, or data has been lost, businesses lose money. System problems usually arise due to hardware faults or misconfiguration, but with the increased use of public networks like the internet, a much more dangerous threat has emerged.

Most companies now have an internal network with a further connection to the internet. The use of wireless access points, to facilitate easy connections for laptop and mobile devices, is growing all the time. Each of these systems provides control of valuable corporate data and it is crucial that only authorised users can gain access to files, documents and applications.

Although attacks against company networks usually come from an external source, an increasing number of them also originate from within the company. This means that it is not enough to just install a firewall, but it is important to also create an awareness of security among all users. This should be backed up with acceptable user policies and a written definition of who has access to network resources.

Clients of ITSP benefit from strategic advice on security. We work with companies to ensure that corporate data is protected from external attack, as well as tightening up internal user accounts and operating procedures, to give the best defence against unauthorised system usage.