Cloud Services

The technology landscape is changing and more and more companies are choosing to move some or all of their infrastructure in the cloud. ITSP has significant experience in helping organisations migrate into cloud based services including Email, online data storage, applications and backup.

The cloud brings enterprise level computing to everyone for a affordable monthly fee. As well as providing high quality IT services the cloud changes the way IT infrastructure is financed. In the past companies had to invest heavily in local infrastructure and this tied up capital for years. Today financing has shifted from traditional Capex to operational expenditure (Opex) and this allows you to pay as you need for the services you use. Adding more users or removing users is very easy so the system is very scalable and you will always have the most up to date software to use.

If you are thinking about moving some of your services into the public or private cloud then call us, we can advise you on benefits, risks and planning and also manage the whole process so it all goes very smoothly.


Hosted and Managed Servers

ITSP can offer your business a managed service to host your business servers off-site. Many businesses are taking advantage of the benefits of hosting their servers at off-site data centres; there are less up front and on-going costs for the maintenance, and labour, surrounding the management of the servers as the power and cooling costs are shared between all users of the data centre, and you can take advantage of having our specialist technicians to provide support where necessary. Our data centre is equipped with the technology to host your servers in a secure way, and protected from risks such as fire and theft which may damage your business.

Private DSL, MPLS Lite

Private ADSL is a way in which to connect main offices to remote offices and teleworkers without the need for VPN routers and clients. In a normal VPN arrangement the network traffic is sent over the internet through an encrypted channel, whereas with private ADSL the traffic does not cross the internet at all. Full internet access is also provided with, and secured via, a single managed firewall located in our datacentre, this means you can apply security rules across all your remote sites and users in just one place. Because we manage the entire private network we can apply quality of service (QOS) controls to each connection to ensure certain types of traffic have priority. For example if you are using VOIP phones between sites we can easily reserve a fixed amount of bandwidth for VOIP traffic so call quality is maintained even when the links are heavily loaded with web browsing or email connections.


  1. Seamless connection between remote users and central resources
  2. Lower cost of ownership compared to traditional VPN
  3. Fully managed service and security
  4. Reliable and scalable
  5. Quality of Service for all types of Internet traffic
  6.  Co-located servers can easily be part of the private network

Hosted Exchange

Secure, efficient and affordable hosted Microsoft Exchange from ITSP will allow you to access your E-mails, business information, calendars and contacts from anywhere in the world at anytime. With access from multiple devices, including smartphones and the very popular Outlook Web Access platform on any internet connected terminal, your clients can travel with you. Our Hosted Exchange package offers maximum flexibility by allowing accounts to be created and deleted as necessary to your business, and is also finacially beneficial as there is no need to invest in your own servers, back-up, protection and maintenance as this is provided by us, yet you still get the advantages associated with the latest technology.