Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Service

Modern businesses are becoming more and more dependent on computer systems to run smoothly, and as a result interruptions to this can be costly and interrupt business. With an ITSP Business Continuity plan your systems are supported offsite ensuring that, should a disaster occur and your systems become damaged or inaccessible, your critical data can be restored from our secure data Centre and you can be back up and running with minimal disruption.

In certain industries this level of disaster preparation is a requirement for businesses.

Benefits of Business Continuity plans:

  • Minimise disruption to business from unexpected events or disasters
  • Formalise staff responsibilities for dealing with such a situation
  • Comply with regulations in certain industries
  • Provide peace of mind that you can continue to supply customers and run as a business after a critical event

Service Elements:

  • Analysis of your business to identify business functions that rely on IT systems
  • Review of your existing servers and workstations to identify areas where data is not being backed up in a way that aids disaster recovery
  • Development of an individual Business Continuity Plan to include areas outside of IT
  • Implementation of any changes to systems and procedures that will improve recovery times
  • Provision of off-site backup storage
  • Provision of off-site backup servers and workstations if required

Regular tests of the plan to ensure it remains effective