System Installation

Server and Workstation Installation

As technology moves on, equipment, particularly servers, needs to be upgraded to keep pace. ITSP’s technicians are proficient at upgrading these whilst keeping applications and data intact. If your current server has reached the point of needing an upgrade, then contact us to discuss the options available. We will work with you to define the right server for your business requirements and help you plan for a smooth installation and data transfer. We design and integrate servers based on Microsoft Windows or UNIX platforms.

As well as servers, your businesses workstations can also become out of date and require an upgrade. We are able to install not only new servers, but also new workstations to help your business make maximum use from available IT technologies and keep pace with the latest equipment.

Network Design

The power of IT systems is best harnessed when they are connected together in a network, which can today be created using data cables or, more recently, without wires using radio signals. ITSP will provide the most appropriate network for your business requirements, installing network cabling according to project plans and adhering to all relevant standards. We offer a complete design and installation service for network cabling including:

  • Design and Installation of new networks
  • Office floor box installations
  • Adding new points to an existing network
  • Data cabinets installations and updates
  • Moves and changes


ITSP are able to offer cabling services to small and medium sized businesses. From the start, emphasis is placed on the design of your cable network; it needs to be efficient yet also flexible to a growing company. The expertise offered by ITSP ensures that the end design meets the requirements of the client today, but is also able to adapt to growing business in the future with minimal disruption.

The cabling service can be offered alongside a business equpiment upgrade, or as an individual cabling project. All cable network installations are fully tested by our highly skilled technicians so you can be sure of a guaranteed cabling solution.

VPN configuration

It is becoming increasingly important for people to be able to access their email and documents while away from the office. Traditionally this was a necessity primarily for the sales force, but now more and more employees are taking advantage of the new opportunities provided by broadband to work from home. Although there are many advantages of this, it is crucial to ensure the link between the office and home is secure and the only way to make this happen is to use a Virtual Private Network or VPN. ITSP have a wealth of experience in setting up secure VPNs for both home users and users operating from a laptop, either on the road or abroad. We design and implement VPNs using the latest hardware and software available so the client can be sure of a high security connection whilst still having a network that is user friendly and simple to manage.

Router and firewall configuration

The threat to corporate data posed by malicious attack from the internet has never been greater and it is essential that every network is protected by a reliable firewall. ITSP specialise in selecting and installing high quality internet firewalls. During an initial planning meeting we will review and discuss your specific security requirements including; the current structure of the network and applications in use, special user and remote access requirements, and existing security policies. Once we have selected the appropriate firewall for your corporate network, the installation and configuration phase can begin. During the configuration stage we will:

  1. Configure the firewall environmental settings specific to your location
  2. Ensure the most current firmware release is loaded
  3. Define network settings for the LAN, WAN and DMZ port
  4. Implement network access services and filters
  5. Enable user management, encryption and event logging
  6. Test filtering functionality based on your security requirements
  7. Activate / Deactivate features required on the firewall
  8. Perform a backup of the final firewall configuration and firmware

After the firewall has been installed and tested for connectivity, we will begin an external security assessment of the firewall. During this assessment we will scan the firewall for port openings (and closures) determined during the initial meeting, test remote management functionality (if required), and ensure all requirements specified during the installation planning have been met.

From time to time it will be necessary to reconfigure the firewall to enable new services or to prevent new threats. In most cases this can be done remotely and ITSP offer a remote management and monitoring service that ensures your firewall is kept up to date with the latest firmware updates and security patches. If your firewall supports VPN technology we also offer management of the VPN accounts and security.

Note: installation does not cover configuring equipment other than the firewall. Configuration services for other equipment can be added by calling your sales representative.

SQL Server

The Microsoft® SQL Server® is a data management application tool. It helps you to save time and money and also get the most from growing data volumes by allowing you to reliably manage your critical data, and to focus on developing as a business. At ITSP we understand the challenges of managing growing data volumes and can offer installation of a Microsoft SQL Server into your company, as well as support for your company on issues surrounding the SQL Server and its installation.